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Charles S.Rice - Artist, Journalist

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I see the blank canvas as an invitation. The empty space challenges me to tell stories of the things that I have experienced and seen.

I paint with oils and oil pastels. I particularly enjoy painting with pastels because they allow me to express an idea immediately. I often carry pastels and paper to the beach, into the mountains and even half-way around the world.

In many cases, I use my fingers to spread the pastel across the paper. It's exhilarating to commune with paint so intimately, and it's the best way to put a stroke exactly where I want it. Painting has been one of the most enlightening experiences in my life. It has helped me see the world and all its subtleties in terms of light and shadow.

When Mr. Rice isn't painting, he works as a broadcast journalist and news anchor for the Associated Press Radio Network in Washington, DC. "My pictures are very much influenced by the stories that I write and read each day."